This plan includes an important conversion privilege to convert your disability coverage when you begin your residency training.  The conversion privilege is guarantee issue for all students with no medical underwriting and may convert to a monthly benefit of $2,000.

As a University of Vermont School of Medicine student, you have enjoyed the quality protection of the University of VermontSchool of Medicine’s Student Sponsored Disability Insurance Program. Under the terms of this program, your coverage is scheduled to terminate on July 31st.

You will have a one-time enrollment period of 30 days from the policy end date to convert your coverage.

Before you convert your student disability insurance it’s important to know that most residency programs provide as part of their compensation package disability insurance. However, not all disability insurance programs are alike. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the disability insurance benefits you will receive under your residency program to determine whether additional disability insurance coverage is necessary to protect you and your family’s future.   

For questions regarding your disability insurance plan or to learn more about continuing coverage after graduation please contact:  Health Sciences Assurance Consulting, Inc. (HSAC. Inc.) at 1-888-978-8355 or email